"Unable to start dedicated server" issue (Forge)

I have run into this obscenely irritating issue where I can’t Use Forge or Custom Games (Literally the only two things I do on Halo 5) because of this ridiculous server issue…

First off, why does forge NEED to be online now? It’s really annoying. Even when I’m doing things by myself (Which I would do willingly all the time, but people can’t help but join my games are fiddle with things). I just want to be able to do something offline. The blocks lag when I try to move them around because my internet sucks, people join my game (I can’t figure out how to prevent it) and now I can’t use it at all because of this frustrating glitch.

Thing is, I can play normal matchmaking without a hitch, I tried it this morning and everything worked fine. If I try to start a forge map the game indicates the error as shown by the title and then refuses to start the game almost instantly. I can’t seem to find anyone else with this issue. I’ve tried re-setting the Xbox, using different internet connections and it still does it,

It’s feeling more like a glitch rather than an actual server issue, has anyone found a fix for this?

I have had the same issue all day myself.

The only things I can access is warzone and big team battle and there is only so much I can take of that!

Its still not fixed now. Did you find a resolution or has it been fixed your end?

It just happen to me too. Seriously why in the world are customs and forge only online?

I just complained about the same issue I can’t access my map on either one and I took weeks creating that map, it’s my first forge map ever but highly detailed and insanely scripted so I’m kind of hurt behind it…I lost motivation to forge after their server did this to me…the things I created I wish I made prefabs of it all…