Unable to retrieve session data?

I’m having constant issues with free for all matches being complete and getting no req points, or xp and not being able to review the stats of the match. Which is also wasting the xp bonuses I apply before the match begins. I’m noticing a boat load of issues with this game so far and it’s deterring me from telling my friends to purchase it. It’s not ready for release yet in my opinion.

I’m experiencing the same issue…it updates my stats on this website but not on the actual game…annoying.

I have found I have to back out after every match if it gives me that error during stat loading. Once I am at the menu, then I can go into my inventory or REQ packs and it will update.

Still no fix for this issue !! arrrg

Even if I back out, my REQ points and commendations don’t update. And I have been having this problem for a while now, with the game not updating after days. Please try to fix this, its pretty annoying losing REQ points that otherwise we have to pay to get.

I absolutely hate this especially when I play a long warzone!

Just played a long warzone game and I didn’t get any req points or commendations ! Shame on you 343

It’s a drag when that happens. Especially after using a Boost for the match. It seems like it happens a few times a week.