Unable to Redeem "Grunt Funeral" Skull code.

I had bought a copy of Halo CE Anniversary (new) pre-ordered and was unable to redeem the DLC that was inside. I’ve called GameStop and Microsoft Studios multiple times and both have stated they believe the codes were stolen via code generator online. I’ve paid full price for this game and would like all content included. Someone please help me. I looked online for codes to buy but people are charging $20.00 or more for them. If anyone can help that would be great. Thank you.

I’d check the card the code is printed on. A lot of bonus DLC that comes with games has an expiry date on them. Check the date on your card to see what it says. Its possible that the DLC code no longer works simply because the code is past its expiry date.

Although a lot of bonus DLC does have expiry dates printed on the card that comes in the box, not all of it actually expires, as there are cases where people have redeemed codes a couple of years after the expiry date that was printed.

I have checked and there is no expiration date. I even read the fine print and called GameStop to ask. The codes have been redeemed :frowning: