Unable to rank up

I’ve played a bunch of games of SWAT and was originally placed into the diamond division then won my way into onyx. I’ve played many games since being in the onyx division the first couple got me to 1541 CSR but iv’e won 13 straight games since then and earned no experience or rank and it has been across 3 days attempting to wait for it to raise my score. i played with a friend the majority of my games and his CSR continued to go up past the 1700’s. Why is mine stuck there is no point in playing if i can not rank up. Look at my service record as proof i should be awarded the experience I’ve earned.



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As for the issue I can only assume it is a server issue that will be updated sometime in the future or maybe even will resolve itself. I’d just keep playing to see if new stats will somehow push everything through.

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gotcha so no useful information then. thanks

I actually have a thread regarding this already but it fell victim to the ridiculous amount of complaint threads. Swat CSR just straight up doesn’t update for me at the Onyx level. I’ve been at 1602 for over 20 games of wins and losses. I move up and down in every other playlists’ Onyx division, just not Swat.