Unable to play with friends due to SBMM

I have always played Halo with friends but in infinite this proves to be impossible as my friends are better at me so every time I play with them I get my -Yoink!- handed to me. This makes the game completely unplayable. So the only way I can play Halo is on my own which I don’t wanna do.
Seriously 343i can you turn down the SBMM on casual playlists. No one likes it being there anyways. Casual and social halo are literally disappearing because of it. Its killing games more then keep player retention. Why do you think all of your games are so unsuccessful compared to Halo 3 and Reach. Because your turning it into some swet fest when Halo was built on casual players. The line is completely blurred between ranked and casual. They are both as sweaty as each other. So whats even the point in casual playlists? Its clear you don’t want the same thing as the community.

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I am sorry but if your friends are that much better just keep playing with them.
You can’t be around other humans and not pick up after them…unless you are have a disability or are just stubborn.
It goes against our species.
Copy them
This isn’t meant to be offensive it is the truth.
You hang out with people you will pick up everything…mannerisms, speech patterns etc.
Stick it out man!
And stop complaining about SBMM this is so old!!!
You guys want a competitive game and that is what SBMM creates
This word sweat is bullcrap…what else are we supposed to do?
let you score?

It’s difficult, I can’t LAN with my friends because my skill level is far too above everyone I know.

To play with my worse friends I just use a separate account and play on mouse and keyboard although my skill level on that is now far too high for most my friends too. So realistically they need to make a new account and purposely handicap themselves in some way for the game to be enjoyable for everyone.

Who said we wanted Halo to be super competitive? If you want to play something like that go play Apex or valorant. Halo is an arena shooter with literal power ups, it’s not that competitive. It’s a social game

Halo should be competitive… in ranked playlists! Social playlists should be social, fun for all skill levels.

No you go play something else…see how easy that is.
How do you make it play the way you guys want?

Is there sbmm in all casual list? It sure doesn’t feel that way

It’s sad for your friend group.

But I don’t see what the answer is?

If the opposition are pitched so that you can have fun… they will be simply and utterly destroyed by your mates. And they don’t deserve to have that just so you can play with some buddies.

The problem is definitely a square peg that we are trying to ram into a square hole.

If you want a playlist where players of all abilities can come together and duke it out - there has to be some sort of handicap system in place.

You could pivot the handicap on scoring (good players are worth more points) or player abilities (shields, health, damage, equipment use). Or even a combination of both. I would even make it more of a dynamic handicap that flexes on the performance in the current game (eg. on the K:D or length of kill streak).

There would be some trial and error to find the balance… but there is no reason I couldn’t go toe to toe with the Mint Blitz’s of the world. It just needs the right amount of nerf (them) and buff (me).

You could pretty much abandon SBMM completely if you got it right.

Obviously we are talking Social here… and not Ranked. There are plenty of arguments that team MMRs should be bunched even tighter in the latter.