Unable to Play on Forge World Maps

Ever since the update came out for Halo: Reach, I haven’t been able to play on any Forge World maps. In Customs and Forge it says ‘Players failed to load content’, and in Matchmaking whenever a FW map is voted in, it just goes ‘Load Failure’ and starts a new round of voting. Also, whenever FW maps are picked over and over, I’m kicked from the lobby.

Does anybody have an explanation?

It’s probably not the update, your map is just messed and the timing is coincidental.

Borrow a friend’s disc to copy it to the harddrive. Then you can play the maps again even if your own disc gets further damaged.

Provided you don’t get kicked too often you should feel lucky.

I’m so sick of Forge World map Greyness almost every match.

its the exact opposite for me sometimes. you have no idea…