Unable to play mtchmkng with 2 box on same network

So i have 2 xboxes on same network hardwired and one of us gets booted right before the game starts. Anyone else have same problem? Is this an issue with the recent update? Is there a workaround?

Have you tried getting into games with each Xbox individually first to make sure both can get into games first?

Yes able to play fine separately in matchmaking just not parties togethe .

Are you both connected through wifi or direct LAN?

If LAN are they going to the same router and if so is that router then connected directly to the modem?

Either way I would suggest giving each x-box a static IP and then checking in the xbox if your NAT is open, moderate, or strict. If it’s not open you will need to do some port forwarding in your home router, which there is alot of information online with how to do.