Unable to play Matchmaking at all

I bought the MCC on Day One and loved the Campaign experience, but as soon as I tried playing Multiplayer I had the same issues: the game won’t connect (after 20 minutes waiting I usually give up), and if the game connects the connection is lost: 1)before starting the match, in the loading screen, or 2) as soon as the match starts, the game lags horribly and the entire lobby is kicked out of the match.

I double, triple checked everytime my connection and it works fine, it’s open and EVERY other game works PERFECTLY online.

I really wish I could play one of those sweet remastered maps, or just any other map actually, but it’s been nearly 2 months and after patches and patches, the game is not yet fixed.

I hope someone solves this HUGE problem as soon as possible.
I really hope someone sees and replies to this post, at least I would know you’re working on this.

Same here since the last patch!

Its almost like a virus that has an endless loop.

they will release another CU this week.

I queue’d up for halo 1 to on my own, after 5 minutes I just gave up and launched call of duty, and found a game instantly. Pretty much sums up this horrible mess of a collection.

Same here, Got this game for Christmas, very excited to play but cannot get into a match online.

What gives?

So? Any solution? Are you just ignoring us or what?

I have the same issue trying to connect to multiplayer for Halo: The Master Chief Collection and for the Halo: Guardians beta. Believe my issue is living in Guam and not being able to reach a server? I can connect to servers in Seattle for Titanfall, or to Oceana for Warframe, but no option exists for checking my ping rate or manually selecting a server for the Halo franchise. Would be great to add this as a feature.