Unable To Matchmake in Arena Slayer

Hey everyone,

So just wondering if it’s just me, as the title says I was unable to matchmaker in Arena Slayer at all during the first scheduled play.

When I first got in I found a fireteam, then it bugged out so I restarted the game. After that, every search would go on for a few minutes and then eventually tell me “no players could be found.” So I was a little disappointed I couldn’t play given I woke up at 3AM for the time slot.

That said I was able to search for the Arena Bot mode and find matches nearly instantly.

Anyone else have issues finding matches?

  • Friday, September 24 @ 10am-2pm & 5-9pm PT - Saturday, September 25 @ 10am-2pm & 5-9pm PT - Sunday, September 26 @ 10am-2pm & 5-9pm PT\
  • Friday, October 1 @ 10am-2pm & 5-9pm PT - Saturday, October 2 @ 10am-2pm & 5-9pm PT - Sunday, October 3 @ 10am-2pm & 5-9pm PT - Close: Monday, October 4 @ 10am PT