Unable to match!

Getting error: unable to match in all arena games. I’ve tried hard reset. I’ve tried uninstall and reinstall. I’ve tried xbox and xbox live support. I’ve tried your twitter page and starting a post on here. Is there some way to get a response or help?

And my network is working and Internet is working. 50mbps down 5mbps up.

I just made a new gamertag and I am unable to match in all arena games also. It gives me the message once and then just sticks on the “starting game” message. I’m not sure why it would be doing it because I just played Call of Duty to make sure my live is working on this tag and I also have another 14 day trial that I’ve been using since the 26th of December on Halo 5. But now I make a new tag and it won’t let me play. Terrible customer support for this game.

the servers seem to be down for everyone im located in NYC