Unable to join. the request to join has timed out

I have to reset my internet to connect to anything and then I can play no problem on the first thing I pick, once I quit matchmaking to play campaign with friends for example it always says unable to join the request to join has timed. It says that anytime I try and play anything after I leave the first thing I picked.

Having that very same problem. If you hard reset the Xbox (hold the power button down on the console for a few seconds), hard rest the router and modem you should be able to play.But here’s the kicker… If you change game modes or even leave the dedicated server you are in, you’ll have to do it all over again.It’s STUPID, and ANNOYING but at least you’ll get a few games inIt’s not your ISP it’s Microsoft and 343 servers.

someone told me this


My internet connection is fine, but I get kicked from the game like every three games or so. I can always rejoin right away after, but i’m not sure if that’s counting as I am quitting or how exactly that works. It sucks when you’re on a real roll and it happens, I had like 18 kills and 4 deaths and I was booted, very frustrating!



same problem here, it seems I’m living in the other universe which has no one playing HALO5. Always shows ‘unable to match’