Unable to join Halo 5 Gaurdians Lobby Service

3 days since my last multiplayer game.

Every time I click Arena or Warzone I get the “connecting to lobby screen”, swiftly followed by the “Unable to join Halo 5 Gaurdians Lobby Service”.

I have un installed the game twice and re installed and still wont work. I’ve reset my xbox to factory settings and still nothing.
I’ve also been in touch with microsoft seeing as this happened since my xbox got the updated dashboard but I am the only person out of my friends who also have the updated dashboard that this has happened to.
None of the suggestions microsoft offered helped either.
Very frustrating when you spend 70 euro on the game specifically to play multiplayer and I can’t.
Any suggestions on what to do?

ive done the same things as you and its been like this for over a week now. who’s your isp?

I’ve had this happen when I try to join a friend in Halo - I’ve found that I have to go into another game (like Forza) just until I get the main screen of the game up, and then go back to halo and it clears up. But for whatever reason I’m unable to join friends and they are unable to join me or you get the “connecting to lobby” for several minutes before it fails.