Unable to install my game after recent patch

After the recent Halo Wars 2 patch update, My Xbox one flat out refuses to install halo wars 2 after it gets to 22%. I’ve tried to do everything I could possibly. This includes calling Microsoft support, Factory Reset, Hard reset, clearing cache. Its been about 6 days. The Microsoft support rep instructed me to Contact Creative Assembly, and see if the developers can help me. Please help

I have this problem also, the install reach 28% then flat out refuses to carry on. And I get this error message pop up once I put the disc in the Xbox…

It would seem like 343 won’t do anything about it.

I’m having the same problems.
The update stops at 22% and refuses to continue. I tried uninstalling the game intirely in order of reinstalling it, but now there is yet another problem.
When I unstall it, and try to reinstall it without turning of the Xbox One, the download stops, and the game shows up in my installed games immediately, and it acts like the installation has finished, but I can’t launch the game.
When I restart my Xbox One (after uninstalling Halo wars 2), it just reappears in my games and apps like I didn’t uninstall it at all.
Perhaps it didn’t delete al the files, which causes the xbox to think it’s still installed because there are still some Halo Wars 2 files left. I know that one could solve this problem by wiping the intere memory of the Xbox One, but I really don’t wanna risk losing my Dark Souls and Borderlands: Handsome Collection characters (I don’t worry about my other games, because I can check my progress of Halo('s) and Overwatch on their websites)

Same problem here

Sorry to say this but the only thing that solved this problem for me was a factory reset. Look in the support forums and you’ll find more people with this issue.
Yes it erases everything, but all your progress and settings should be fine, they are saved automatically in the cloud.
Hope this helps…

This is a known issue right now that have been escalated to the Xbox team. Feel free to use this topic to keep updated with the latest news: