Unable to install digital copy of Halo:MCC

Hello. I recently got the Xbox One bundle with Halo: MCC and have been unable to play it. The download typically stops at 3%, gives me and “Installation Stopped” message (with error code 0x87e0000f) and everytime I try to install it again, it immediately stops and goes back to “Installation Stopped”.

I’ve gone to Microsoft with this multiple times. They’ve taken me through uninstalling the game, powercycling my xbox, rebooting my router, etc. None of this works. My installation always works seamlessly until 3%, then stops. Once, it got past 3% and I thought everything would be fine, but it stopped at 65% and would never resume. I have been trying at various different times of the day for over a week, and have been unsuccessful thus far. Microsoft eventually told me to contact 343 as it is likely an issue on your end.

At this point, I think Microsoft might be correct in pointing the finger at 343. I have downloaded 3 other games since getting my xbox and have had no trouble at all with any other downloads. It’s only Halo: MCC that I have had issues with. Microsoft also states they have gotten other people reporting the same issue. Is there anything else I can try to get this to install properly?

So, nobody has any suggestions/solutions? Anyone from 343 Industries? I would really just like to play this game sometime.

This might sound silly, but I’ve seen a few posts where this doing something like this worked, no idea why. Have you tried re-downloading your profile to your xbox and then running the install? Looks like you’ve been through everything else I would have suggested to do. Generally I would say Xbox Support would be the best place to contact as it’s an installation issue

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try that when I get home. I’ve already contacted Microsoft several times, and all they did was suggest everything I’ve already done and promise to escalate my issue to a special escalation team (that I never heard back from). Then they told me it’s an issue on 343’s end which is why I came here, but I’ll give that a try later tonight when I get home and see if it works.

Get your money back and go buy the disc when it drops to $20 here in a week.

I can’t get my money back on it without returning my entire Xbox One since I got the digital copy of Halo: MCC included with my bundle. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

I don’t want to speak too soon, but after following stckrboy’s suggestion and re-downloading my profile and starting the download again, I am currently at 79% and still downloading. This is definitely farther than I’ve ever gotten, so hopefully it finishes successfully later today. I’ll let you guys know, thanks for the help!

That sounds promising, do let us know if it works. I’ll add that to my list of possible fixes that I can pass on to others :slight_smile:

It worked! Thanks so much stckrboy, I’m glad the fix was so simple. I just wish Microsoft recommended this to me like a week ago when I first contacted them so I could’ve been playing earlier.

Awesome! I’ll definitely keep this in mind as something that could work for others. Thanks for confirming :slight_smile: