Unable to hear sound effects from behind

As title states. I am not hearing sound effects when being fired at from behind. It seems to be a known issue, but the “workarounds” (pc) listed at the Halo Support site don’t work for me. Anyone else experiencing the same issue, and able to help me out? Many thanks in advance.


I cant help but its the same on console. I turned down all the sound except effects which allowed me to turn up the headset. Was a bit more balanced but sounds from behind still sound like theyre from the other side of the map.


My buddy kept saying the same thing.

Good to see a post about it pop up

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I’m having the same experience. I frequently am unaware that I’m taking fire when getting shot at from behind. It sounds more like a gentle rain than a stream of bullets and the visual cues are very subtle as well. None of the recommended fixes have worked…hoping for a patch.

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Exactly! Once you notice the visual cues it is already too late!

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I hear this is a bug of some sort from another thread. Last night I got killed from behind by a needler there was literally no sound from the weapon itself, from being hit, or when I died. I only know it was a needler from the death cam and then kill feed.

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I’ve noticed this on my PC as well. I don’t have this issue in some other games but oddly I have the same lack of read audio in Forza Horizon 5. No such similar sound issues when playing on Xbox.

That’s because 343 has never understood sound design and these issues have been persistent since Halo 4. I promise you, I’ve barked up this tree more times than I can count. Good luck.

H5 had good sound… Infinite all the gunfire sounds and player sounds are the same unless its right in front of you.

Personally I’ve noticed a big difference between Xbox and PC. PC I can’t hear anything from behind but I can hear some things on Xbox. It could still be louder on Xbox but it’s almost non-existent on PC. Oddly, I’ve noticed the exact same phenomena with Forza Horizon 5

Thanks for all the feedback. The problem has not yet been resolved for me. Intending to keep this thread going untill it is. :slight_smile:

So my buddy had this issue, he has a Razer headset, and after tweaking its surround sound setting it fixed itself. He isnt on right now, but if you have a razer headset mess around with its settings in synapse until audio comes back… Ill talk to him later today and check back with what he did exactly, so then at least you have some direction beyond my vague direction.

Yep I’ve had this issue and I’m pretty sure everyone does as there have been countless times where a guy has shot me in the back ended up killing me as my teammate nearby remains completely oblivious as if there was just no sound of hte fight happening right behind him

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Thanks, that would be great. Not using Razer, but perhaps the fix is the same.

Just checking in to let you know this is still an issue.

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Bump! Still looking for a fix to this problem!

Heya, what is your headset output set to on the console settings? Try changing it to the Windows Sonic one. It made an immediate difference on all aspects.

im getting the same issues on pc, with a logitech x pro wireless headset