Unable to get new weapons

Lately when I’ve been playing the few war zone games that didn’t put me in a losing game already started and even the I am unable to get a new weapon from the Req system even with the “green” spheres usable ingame. The only time I’m able to get a new weapon is if I pick it up off the dead players which even in a losing game helps alot more then the standard assault rifle n pistol combo.

This has been going on for a month for me at least now and still has not been resolved! I did post on the forum before but had no response!

Whenever I try to access the Req System from the main menu in any way, for example by pressing ‘y’ to go straight to the req system I get the error ''REQ SERVICE UNAVAILABLE, An eroor occurred when contacting the requisition service, Please try again later’’ I can still play games but with ahuge disadvantage as it will not let me access the req system in game so pointless playing which means I spent money on a useless game and I have been playing halo since the very beginning and am hugely disappointed by this.

Expected Result: I should be going straight to see any req packs I have unlocked purchased and those I can purchase etc
Actual Result: Just constantly getting the above error message no matter how I access the req system

It is definitely an in game issue as I have contacted Microsoft multiple times and have tried anything and everything to get this resolved but they have now told me to contact the developer directly which is not easy to do at all. I also expect some form of compensation for the REQ packs I would have received if I was able to play the game!