Unable to get 100% of weapons and vehicles??

So I’ve gone and unlocked nearly everything, I’m only missing 2 power weapons and 2 vehicles. However for my total its saying I’m missing 5 vehicles and 5 weapons. It’s counting the randoms against the total, even though I have a few of each its not counting them as owned. So I won’t be able to get 100% completion for those ever, and its making me alittle nutty.

I’m missing the regular Mongoose variants which is odd to me. But I too am missing the 100% on power weapons due to the random cards. It frustrates me as well hahah.

Oh no… I’m a completionist. This will kill me.

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> Oh no… I’m a completionist. This will kill me.

I’m in the same boat, and it’s been killing me. And I don’t have armors and weapon skins complete thanks to the HCS Contender sets…

You should still get the certifications, which guarantee a few of their respective item. Have you been getting only gold packs? If so, try silver. Certs are considered permanent items.