Unable to find ranked matches in either playlist for up to 60 minutes at a time

Two mornings in a row, between 6 and 8 am PST. Vancouver BC. I’m ranked mid-diamond but I only just came back to the game after the reset, was previously Onyx so my MMR is higher than CSR.

Tried resetting the console multiple times, exiting the game, unplugging ethernet. I was able to get into other playlists.


Declining population really shows at non-peak hours. Be glad you’re not EU where almost no playlist besides fiesta and tactical slayer can find matches after midnight.

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I’m an EU player and the only time I find a match after 11pm is once an hour (literally, timed by my wasted double XP boost) where I am put in with North American players (be it quick match or Yappening!).

No lag issues at all! I don’t understand why this can’t be the standard, rather than forcing me to play something else.

I tried all last night, and found a few doubles matches (two of which had a teammate who specifically threw the game on purpose), and one Open match. It was taking like 10+ minutes of searching for each match. I was just walking around doing chores in between it was so bad.

I really like ranked in this game and can’t play it consistently because of the low population. I can’t find a match at all in solo/duo controller