Unable to find games searching solo

I search solo on H2a/H4/H3 4v4. I have 6 of the 9 gametypes selected but I wont find a game searching solo. I have to search with at least one other player. It’s not a population issue, my friends can search solo all day and get games left and right. It’s infuriating to watch friends get games but I NEED to play with someone else in order to even get games. I have uninstalled and verified multiple times. All servers are on. All games are installed.

  • What region/time zone are you playing out of? Assuming you are playing in the states it sounds very unusual that you wouldn’t find a match solo.

  • Do you use quick resume on XSX or suspend the game on PC? If you don’t do a clean launch of the game after the playlist update on Wednesday you won’t be able to find a match unless you restart the game.

Just put everything on even if you don’t like the mode, works for me anyway

I might be running into the same issue, but i thought it had to do with population. BTB all modes will find games quickly at any time. 4v4 doesnt but ive only been playing later at night in the eastern time zone. Also couldnt find ranked matches

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No one grinds Halo at night anymore since you keep matching the same full teams over and over due to party matching being removed. The teams effectively clear out the playlist overnight because they stomp on anyone in the playlist so hard they get off the game (aka all the solo/casual players). Be prepared for long queue times if you want to play overnight.


I dont suspend anything, turn off the pc full quit. I search all times of the day. Im NA, CST. There isnt a reason for me to not find games based on when i search while my buddies search solo and always get games

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depends what game. halo 2 btb, you can be waiting for about 20min, but in 4v4 its about 3min

So I have confirmed it is my account, I have 4 other accounts I have, each one can search and INSTANTLY find games. My main tag does not get any games at all, searching same times.

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Playing at all times

I have 6 of 9 on 3 separate Halos. My restart accounts find games within a few seconds.

Sounds like they’re trying to avoid playing with you. I’ve heard that blocking a player will prevent matching with that particular player.

I hope that’s not the case.

That would be ALOT of player

Blocked or your hidden social rank is too high. If you spent a lot of time in the past playing social with a full team you probably got blocked.

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You can confirm this easily by having someone else who gets games easily to lead the party.

Then I guess it’s confirmed, OP can only find matches when someone else leads the party.

My queue times for FFA are almost always 20-30 minutes, so I dont bother queuing it anymore. But thats what happens thanks to the weighting 343 uses.