Unable to find games in multiplayer

Been unable to find games in multiplayer this morning. Have searched for over 30 mins so far trying different playlists even. Also tried restarting my app and have tried restarting xbox. Checked connection and all seems good with an open NAT. Just stuck in Searching For Spartans. This happening with anyone else right now?

Make that an hour of searching now… have even tried wired connection. My searches eventually time out and say cant find players.

It’s because it is searching for players in your area to give you a fairer game. I’m guessing you’re in UK or Europe? Which playlist are you searching?

USA. Tried FFA in which I am Champ, Slayer in which I am Onyx, and Swat in which I am unranked. No games afters an hour and a half of trying everything. I was able to find one game during this time in the social slayer.

Have been sitting, waiting to find a slayer game for 2 hours. What a joke. Aus