Unable to download the Open Beta?

So I have really slow Internet speed and yesterday I got my update to around 23% before I hit the hay in time for 6form tomorrow.
I turned my xbox one off by the controller and kept the update running in the background however. When I got home the update froze at 26%.
It started again later on and got to around 43% however afterwards it kept going into “Queue” and wouldn’t start installing again.
I uninstalled the open beta from my console and now I can’t re-install it?
I get the message.
Try again later
“Something happened at our end.”
So has this happened to anyone else?
I am extremely saddened by this coming from a massive Halo Wars fan who just wants to give some feedback on the game to make HW2 the best it could be :confused:

The beta is having some really bad download issues. I am not sure why, maybe the amount of volume?
Either way, it’s not just you, keep trying to download it every once in a while and I bet within the next 24 hours it’ll work for you. It will probably also take a really long time downloading.
Maybe to give your console the extra-boost use an Ethernet, but still the slowness is on their end.
Still it sucks this happened, sorry to hear that.

Don’t really know what to tell you but try reseting your Xbox and maybe your internet router as well and try again. Make sure you do a proper reset though by holding the power button down. If your download gets stuck ( mine did too around 80% ) try pausing the installation then resume it, I wouldnt cancel it only to have to do it again.