Unable to download Halo 5


I’m currently running the NXOE (OS version 10.0.10581.1001). I pre-ordered Halo 5 and it got to 99% on Tuesday.
When I came home from work on Tuesday, I tried to complete the download but it kept on saying ‘Installation Stopped’. I thought it best to uninstall the game and try re-installing it.

Each time I attempt to re-install, it will say ‘Installation Stopped’ at 0%.

I have everything installed on an external HDD and have 2.2TB free. I tried to download on my internal storage but I get the same issue.

I am able to download other games, I was able to download Assassins Creed Syndicate whilst trying to get Halo 5 working.

Xbox Support refunded me for Halo 5 and asked me to repurchase it to see if that solved the issue, but the problem is still present. We also tried switching from a wired connection to a wireless one, however the problem remained.

I’ve just called Xbox Support and they talked me through removing my profile and re-adding it and then trying to redownload Halo 5 but the problem is still present.
They’ve told me that they’ve exhausted their troubleshooting and all I can do is post a message on the preview forum.

My ISP is BT (I’m in the UK), and my download speed (from the network settings page) shows 14.59 Mbps and my upload speed shows 6.68 Mbps.
I initially thought that the MTU issue may have been linked to this, but after taking the update that resolved that the problem is still present.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this and download Halo 5?