Unable to connect to the halo 5 lobby service

Over the last 2-3 days, since the big Xbox One update I am no longer able to connect to lobby services and play multiplayer and co-op (“Attention unable to connect to the halo 5 guardians lobby services”).

I have tried to follow some beaten paths which seemed to work well for “most?” of the community:
(1) I have reseted / hard reseted both Xbox and router
(2) I have added halowaypoint.com to the allowed sites
(3) I have even changed regions and languages as some kind of testing (I am from Poland and using english / UK regional preferences)

…yet still no luck:(

I hope anyone can help me out with some sound advice or 343 can patch it up really quick

I’ve been having the same problem the last two days. Any ideas?

Just started happening to me as well. Played last night with no issues, reset my modem and nothing. Not sure what the problem is