Unable to connect to halo 5 lobby service!?

This is not a “Microsoft” issue, this is a halo 5! Issue.
I am aware your teams are working hard and that’s fine but to have a problem with this particular game every day is and will be turning people away from this beautiful creation called halo.

Either im unable to connect to “this” game or im getting bounced out of a warzone/arena not kicked and it saying 30 min to cool down to an hour.

This makes me resent you guys so much to the point that when im famous im not going to tell people or promote your works but to tell people the truth. As i do not work as a voice actor or a actor on any of your series i am not compelled to give a biased opinion but a just opinion stating all the issues and troubles i have endured “trying” to acheive 100% completion to the wonderful universe of halo.
Now i understand theres a lot on your teams desks but everyone is taking this as a slap in the face as our time is valuable to us and we are trying to utilize our time on a game that seems unable to function on the best of 343 days.
Maybe 343 will read this and maybe they will not either way things need to be fixed.