Unable to access support website or multiplayer

As the title says, I am unable to access the Halo Insider support website. I have tried using the links within the Insider email I was sent, but each time I click on them, they just lead me to a page which says “access denied.” I have tried logging in and out of my Microsoft account repeatedly, but I am still unable to access the site.

In addition, I have been unable to play any multiplayer matches in the flight either. The “contacting server” message just pops up indefinitely. I have seen other users post about these issues as well, but thus far I have been unable to find a working solution.

Any helps with these issues would be appreciated!

Ok, if you can’t access the Insider Support site then you’re likely not using the correct email address. You need to make sure and log in with the email that was invited to participate, this can be different from your actual gamertag. Double check your Insiders Profile here on Waypoint what email you should be using, then try and log in to the support site with that.

This will also be the same issue that’s preventing you from playing multiplayer, as only white listed accounts can play. From the game roster you should be able to select your name and sign out. Just sign back in with the correct account and you’ll be good to go.