Unable to access REQ's

I have not been able to access any Requisitions. The information does not even load, but some how I am still able to join a warzone battle and go through the game with default REQs. Is anyone else having problems with the REQ system not working.

well i believe i fixed the problem “Thank you xbox support” Realistically they didnt do pooh. I reset my mac address on my xbox. hopefully that will fix it forever.

Glad that worked for you. Usually waiting a minute or two in the menu after the announcements will allow the reqs enough time to load.

Well unfortunately it is happening ONCE again. I got to play ONE game before the REQs went away again. I took your advice and let it load, is 40 min enough time for it to load? Well I can answer that question and the answer is NO. its doing the same Stuff. HALO is the ONLY game i play, and now i cant even play THAT. I’m frenchtoasting PISSED

I am having the same issue. I tried all the troubleshoot steps that has been suggested and I still do not have access to the REQ system. Has there been any official help with this problem?

I have tried the following trouble shooting steps with no luck:
Re install the game.
Remove profile and re install profile.
Delete local saved games.
Full console reset.
Hard console restart.
Reset MAC address.
Spend 4.5 house on the phone with XBOX technical support.
Send an email to 343 INDUSTRIES explaining the problem just to receive an email back saying use the forums.

The above are the trouble shooting steps I have taken they are not in any particular order but I have tried all of them and I still do not have access to the REQs.
HALO games are the ONLY games I play. Don’t enjoy any other game. Please SOMEONE help me and assist me by giving me additional trouble shooting steeps that will work.

Respectfully Posted,

I’m having the exact same issue as well as a few others. Glad to finally see other people posting this. I was getting worried I was the only one. This started for me on 11/5/2016 and hasn’t worked since. I’ve literally done everything to troubleshoot the problem, but no luck. I’ve given up. I’m playing something else until it’s confirmed to be fixed.

2nd game today lost due to req system.

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