Unable to access Halo Waypoint Proper via Mobile

I’ve been trying to read the community update all day, but I keep getting an error when loading via Safari.

A problem repeatedly occurred while loading Halo Waypoint

Since discourse is a separate platform I have no problem reading the forums via the Discourse app, but accessing Waypoint proper is not working.

I’ve had issues with the mobile app, I get a “Slispace disruption” when trying to get to my campaign records on the app. I use the app for checking my campaign times because since Waypoint got updated, the web app no longer shows your best Legendary times, it now shows your best time regardless of difficulty. Not only that, but it shows your time as seconds with decimals, while the mobile app continued to show both your best Legendary time and in the minutes:seconds format.

I’ve hit some new best times in Halo 3, but I can’t total them because again, on the web app, some of my best times for a level weren’t on Legendary so I can’t add them there, and the total time you see on your Stats page for Halo 3 in MCC combines both Halo 3 and ODST.

It’s been like this for over a week, really wish either the mobile app got fixed or the web app was fixed to show all Legendary times again and in the minutes:seconds format, or a better way to show your best times within MCC. Pretty frustrating.