Unable to access anything....

Hello fellow Spartans!
I got back to my apartment from a day of work ready for a night of Halo but when I loaded it up (I have my console set to Power-Saving mode) I found a few things that are not promising for my binge needs: 1. MOTD images won’t load, I can read the announcements but I can’t see the art, 2. Req menu won’t load, no points, no Gold/Silver/Bronze/Gold Bundles, and no customization images (I can see the cards themselves but not the images). If this is a running bug with a fix I would be very appreciative, if it is a network issue (I highly doubt it as I have 0% packet loss, Moderate NAT type, 112 mbs up and 16 down) then let me know as well! If it’s a install issue I will cry as it takes a very long time to install (I have had to install it twice for corrupted forge install).

-Mr. RPG