(un)Official Team Slayer Limited Playlist Thread

After seeing how well the Squad Slayer Playlist turned out, it has me concerned with having two Slayer Playlists back to back. On top of that, we have yet another Slayer Playlist in The Arena. All these Slayer Playlists can be a little redundant, so that is why I suggest something completely different for the TS Playlist. The Team Slayer LTD group has decided to try and create a Halo equipment style gameplay similar to Halo 3. This would make players have to earn their Armor Abilties and it would make maps more balanced. Call it a social MLG if you will, but with more of a focus on AA pickups.

If this is added, it will be more of the ideal playlist that people would want to play. People have been asking for a playlist in Reach that could be played casually & competitively, and Slayer Limited is the answer to that. And the reason I say this is because in Slayer Limited:

  1. Teams can’t overuse the same unbalanced AA, as they are only pickups.
  2. Base Player Traits unchanged to fit the social aspect of TS, but changed melee to 75% so players are encouraged to shoot instead.
  3. Objectives are strategically placed around the map for balanced matches (currently not featured; trying to finish Slayer LTD testing).

This is my current settings and maps for the Slayer Limited Gametype:

> Team Slayer Limited:Base Player Traits
> Movement Speed: 110%
> Jump Height: 110%
> Gravity: 150%
> Melee: 75%
> Shield Recharge Rate: Unchanged
> Health Recharge Rate: 110%
> Radar Tracker: 10mNOTE: Base player traits stays unchanged if people want more of a TS experience, but I still stand by 75% melee damage.
> Armor Abilities
> All Players start with Sprint Only
> Evade, Hologram, Active Camo, Jet-pack, and Bubble Shield
> placed on Maps.Sprint: 1sec
> Hologram: 1sec
> Jet-pack: 26secs
> Evade: 26secs
> Active Camo: 26secs
> Drop Shield: 134secsNOTE: I thought it would be an interesting novelty to have DS in place of AL. Only 1 DS can be on an open map.

> List of Slayer Limited Maps
> (Note: The maps do not have any objectives as regular Slayer is still needing testing)Swordbase 1 evade, 1 sprint, 2 Holograms, 1 active camo, and 2 jet-packs
> Powerhouse 2 evade, 1 sprint, 2 holograms, 2 jet-packs, and 1 bubble shield
> Countdown 1 evade, 2 jet-packs, and 2 holograms
> Boardwalk 2 evade, 2 jet-packs and 2 holograms

This is what we have so far, but our work still requires further testing with Slayer Limited. If you want to help out then join Team Slayer Limited to make the playlist a perfection.

Recent News:
(this is the current technicality that the group is trying to decide)

-Sprint AND Hologram off start OR just Sprint start

-Each map is required to have at least 1 sprint, hologram, and jetpack OR sprint, hologram, and evade OR limit Maps to at the most 5 AAs on each map.

-There should be no more than 1 DS, AC, or evade on small maps AND/OR what amount of AAs are allowed on small maps

Please discuss.