ULTRA Fiesta Idea?

This is an idea I had a while ago. Basically its fiesta. You have a different gun every spawn, but theres a twist. The model doesnt match your ammo! For example: you think you have a pistol but it actually shoots fuel rob bullets! You think you have a sniper but it actually shoots like a needler. You know what I mean?

That would be wonky AF. But would require alot of tweaking on 343’s part. So probably not gonna happen.

Whilst an interesting idea, I see a couple of issues with this:

  1. how do you know what ammo is inside the gun? imagine pulling out a plasma pistol (effective at short-medium range) only to find out it fires rockets. You run right into an enemy, unaware of this, shoot him, but also commit suicide. That’s a +1 and a -1. I think people would rage quit over something like that - especially if other things weren’t going their way.

  2. How would the kill commendations work? You’ve killed someone with a Fuel Rod Cannon (so it affects the commendation for that) but really you’ve killed someone with its Spartan Laser ammo (so technically you got a kill with a Spartan Laser, which affects the commendation for that instead of the one for the FRC).

Back in the Halo CE days I had a mate who used to play around with the settings on his computer so we could have crazy custom games. He made a SMG that fired sniper rounds, shot guns that fired rockets and plasma pistols that fired wraith bombs. Very hard and unbalanced but man it was good fun!

a fiesta that has a set load out with power weapon and and boost/s would be cool on BTB

like have a saw with a few speed boost, snipers with damage boost, close ranged with camo, rockets with overshield, and maybe some others, and varying amounts of boosts and randomized alternate versions of the weapon. Could maybe balance it with larger stacks have shorter duration’s

One other problem: if you spawn with an AR that has sniper rounds, the scope will be useless, leaving you with no option but to snapshot.

That would be awesome

Probably not going to happen since that will require a lot of code changing. And anybody who knows anything about game designing you know that changing the coding for your game to do something not originally planned is a colossal pain.

Talk about a headache…still, would be great for one of those “I really just don’t care” custom game nights.

Sounds more like a clusterscrew than a fiesta. Also a programming nightmare.