I have no acces for the game why?

what happens when u start the game ?

I have the same problem i start the game and after a few seconds it crashes to desktop…

He tells me I’m too early.

hmm thats funny :smiley: This windows store is such a great thing :smiley: THANKS Microsoft !

Yes. I have bought the ultimate edition 2 months before.

What is the return policy for this game?

I dont know. But im rly pissed.

Depending on your region the game may not be available just yet. Try again in an hour or 2 or reach out XBL Support: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/f0258e8001734968984e8b56990f8daf/topics/halo-wars-2-official-support-resources/a983ce68-b6f1-476f-9375-c1d2b1834bf0/posts

Im from Germany my m8 has alrdy startet the game and i still waiting.