Ultimate Weekly challenge is bugged

I completed almost every challenge for this weekend in one day, when I got to the ultimate challenge (get 3 double kills in PVP matches) it stopped working for some reason, I have played different playlists, tried fiesta, tactical slayer, quick play, and even ranked, but no matter how many double kills I got in a game, it didn’t count at the end of the match, I can see the medal in the match history yet the counter still 0/3 in the challenge. I tried resetting the game, resetting the console, and even waiting until the next day to see if something changes, but I’m still not able to unluck the weekly challenges reward. Plz, help!!


same here. total BS. i was doing quickplay and had both an oddball and strongholds match and got double kills in both. none registered. super annoying for basic bugs like this in a game like halo infinite. arg!

Same here on my end. I tried multiple playlists and received the double kill medal at the end of the matches (fiesta and FFA). However, there is no progression on the weekly ultimate challenge (earn double kills in PvP). Please help!

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I have the same exact thing I even have a screen shot I have 5 double kills and nothing please fix it.

Same here, I thought it wasn’t working because I completed the season pass.

Same thing here, I had a 2xp going so I could get more experience but didn’t work. Tried it in team slayer and swat, I didn’t get anything towards it. I’d love for this to be fixed so we don’t have to waste our consumables please

Please make sure to also file tickets through the Halowaypoint Support site. It seems no one is able to complete this challenge. Tickets are likely to be more visible to the devs than the forum posts.

Suffering from the same issue. :frowning:

Me too.I tried each mode and I have the double kills medals on every game but still can’t count for the weekly ultimate .

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Thank-God it’s not just me.

Thought I would get it today… but no way.

But after all I’m still hoping that one day something cool will show up in BattlePass and/or weekly challenge.

So far I’m pretty much underwhelmed.
I’m Level 85… and just got 3 things I like.
One of course - like so many others - is locked to the Mark V…
I do get that during “…Reach…” Mark V make sense… bit I don’t get, that I can’t use sooo many things for another armor… but that’s a topic for its own.

Me too, just got two double kills in fiesta, neither counted

Ok guys, it’s seem that the challenge was fixed with the new reset. I managed to complete it with two games on quick play.Everything was counting properly now.

I received a reply to my ticket saying that they had fixed it on the backend and also linked me to a tweet by @HaloSupport . I then played two FFA matches and completed this weeks Ultimate. So yeah, looking good on that front.

Now the emblem can hang out in the emblem list with all the other armor emblems I’ll never use.

Unfortunately an issue was discovered with this. Good news is that they were able to make an update today behind the scenes and hopefully it should be registering double kills better now. Sorry about that!


Thanks for the fix, will hop on tomorrow to complete it :+1:

thank you for the info @ske7ch
very appreciated

To be honest man, I’m not even bothering with it… I don’t have the energy for it.

Iv just been playing what er almost I want however I want.

The way 343 said they wanted players to play, even though the whole you will unlock rewards playing how you want was a lie.

the entire game is bugged, and we should be getting payed to playtest it for them