Ultimate solution for challenges

Hello Guys,

You are having troubles like me finishing a challenge for example win 3 stockpile matches? Because simply you are not putting into a match of Stockpile but rather any other game mode. So you finally got fed up after 20 matches to get only 1 stockpile match (and lose this one).

So out of fustration, you use a challenge swap. What do you get? Win 3 matches of CTF… and someone 343 knows this… and suddenly you aint getting CTF matches anymore…I mean this is seriously insane?!

I found the most easiest solution for it:
You need 3 CTF?
You get any other game mode? You just immediatly leave that match and rejoin the queu till you get the game mode you want.

I went from 1 Stockpile match every 3 hours
To 1 stockpile match every 30 min.
Saves a lot of time!

Because 343 thinks that people will be happy to play endlessly game modes that they dont like because of a weapon skin.

I decided after this, that I stop playing the game.
I am old enough to spend the little time i got for videogames, to games that makes me happy. Halo Infinite fustrates me too much.

If they would have just asked some money for the multiplayer and removed all those crappy yet forced challenges…

“But people won’t play less popular game modes”
→ Well, you got your feedback. People dont like that game mode, so remove it and/or accept that its less popular.