Ultimate reward is a duplicate this week?

Just logged into Infinite to check out this weeks ultimate reward and it’s a duplicate reward of a blade I unlocked a couple weeks ago. Is there a reason this has been brought back? Is it a bug? Seems kind of worthless to me to spend time grinding for something I’ve already unlocked before.

I enjoyed the ultimate rewards only being available for one week as it keeps certain items exclusive and rare for people that put in the time. I understand people work ( I do to ) Halo is my hobby I make time for it. I’m not a fan of making time for things I’ve already done though.


I believe if you kept up with the updates, they stated that they’d be bringing stuff back from season 1.

Regardless, with how easy “challenges” are, everything’s going to be nothing more then participation trophies from now on.


For the duration of the Winter Update, most weekly items will be repeats. They are doing this for people who may have missed out the first time.

  1. The ultimate reward isn’t from season 1.
  2. It’s an ultimate reward NOT a missed shop item. There’s a difference.

Missed shop items sure, roll them back through. Missed ultimate rewards nah that’s ridiculous. I now have to grind the same stuff out because others didn’t time manage their week.

From this article:


As we’re looking to address a lot of the community feedback we’ve received around Challenges and we’re shifting the philosophy, the Winter Update’s Ultimate Rewards will feature the most popular Ultimate Rewards from Seasons 1 and 2 to help players get another chance to earn them in case they missed them last time.


Maybe I’m being overzealous with the ultimate rewards being brought back for people to have another go at obtaining them.

I missed the post about them rotating in again, so that’s my mistake.

The challenges to unlock the weekly reward were quite full on so I can understand people being frustrated and asking for them to make a return so they can get them.

My opinions are self centred I suppose, considering I’m probably the minority in this situation. If the majority of the community want it to return then so be it.

Thank you for everyone’s responses. Good luck on the ultimate reward challenges.


Giving people another chance to unlock stuff is overall a good thing, as its lessens the predatory FOMO that is all over this game. However it does suck if you already have the item. More reason that weekly challenges should shift to offering a token upon completion to purchase any item from an “exchange”, ala MCC. The current system just sucks in general. Although I already have this item, I am glad to see it return for those who missed it due to life, as it is one of the much better weekly rewards.


A couple things:

  1. This is isn’t just for people who “mismanaged their week” this is for new players too. Not everyone has been playing since launch. Willow Tea (the coating last week) was offered November of 2021, 2 weeks before the official launch of Halo Infinite.

  2. Season 2 is over and Season 3 hasn’t begun yet. We are in a hiatus, so to speak. 343 likely doesn’t have new items ready or they are saving them for Season 3 which is probably gonna be another 6 months for all we know.

  3. The challenges still offer XP which is useful for progressing the new pass.

  4. You don’t have to grind anything, especially if you don’t want to.

  5. Personally, I think this was intentional so forgers could focus on their creations and not feel like they need to set time aside to chase challenges.

Overall, many people have been asking for things to return, and 343 obliged. I think it was the right move.


As multiple people have said it’s great that there is more chances for people who weren’t playing or missed out on them to get them but I do think it’s a kick in the teeth for the most loyal customers to get nothing during this time.

There really should have been some reward for those who unlock something for the second time, or if that was too hard to work out (UI limitations and all that) then just mix in the old rewards with new ones every second week. I’m actually worried that the winter update is going to reduce player numbers with no new weekly rewards and still no overall progression system.


halo fans: “Fomo is a problem and 343 should atleast rotate items back if they arent going to catalog them to earn anytime.”

also halo fans:


The whole system of FOMO weekly rewards is stupid, because it doesn’t take into account that people go on vacation and can have school/work/family emergencies.

However, it doesn’t make sense that it has duplicates and no alternatives for people who already unlocked it…

If 343 wants to continue weekly rewards, it should give people a choice between of 3 or more weekly rewards. That way people who unlocked the knife can pick a different reward and people who don’t have it (I was on vacation the week it was a weekly reward) have a chance to unlock it.


That live service trend needs to die. Loot boxes you could ignore most of the time but now everything has to be Battle Pass here, seasonal crap there, limited time event for this blableh.


I spent very very much time to unlock that splatter background emblem back then. That really felt like a job to finish all the 21 challenges.

It would be weird if that specific emblem comes back this time with way easier challenges.

This is happening for three months - that’s it. They will 12 repeat rewards. Most likely six from each season.

I don’t think that’s a big deal - and I spent a lot of time unlocking the rewards.

I don’t necessarily like that you can finish the challenges in a sitting but that’s a different story.

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Good. Less fomo. Less absolutely ridiculous grind for some of the only content they didn’t paywall. Most people don’t want to no life this game. Easier challenges are good. Dup rewards are good. A token system and a reward catalogue would be better.


343 said that specifically for the winter update they’re going to be doing repeat rewards from past seasons that were the most popular. This way people have another chance to get them because of the old challenge system and the changes that have been made to it.

If you’re only reason for playing this game is for the “new” weekly rewards then you are probably going to be very disappointed until season 3 rolls around.

I don’t think many people actually got those rewards during S1 and early S2 since the challenges were an absolute chore and the game was bleeding players left and right because of this and countless other things. So if they just offered them once all the assets would go to waste, considering they can’t even sell them in the shop because there would be an uproar.

It’s understandable that people who spent 12 hours a day every day on challenges during the past year can be upset by this, but come on. It was a broken system you deliberately subjected yourseves to because of “muh ultimate reward” that you probably will use for a week and then switch for another new customization item.

On the other hand the new system is far too easy to complete (completed all the challenges in 5 hours of gameplay without even trying to complete them). This game is a beta and it shows.

Agree I glad they brought the knife back even though I already got it I am happy new players and my friends can get it.

Popular ultimates are being cycled in this mid-season. Keep up with the updates friend.