Ultimate Halo 4 package

With lots of thought and consideration I have found the ultimate Halo 4 package which will surely be abused beyond belief and will be the #1 class used by players. Here you go …

Primary: DMR (Why? It’s better than the BR since both are 5 shot weapons but the BR has spread)

Secondary: Plasma pistol or magnum (You can be a pro and noob combo or just spray your reticule bloom pistol at people who are one shot!)

Armour ability: Promethian vision (Spam, spam, spam, spam, and more spam. You can see through walls and with new feature X-ray bullets!)

Tactical package: Shield package (It’s like having a regenerator inside of you all the time! This is very balanced and will surely cause your opponents to scream in frustration.)

Support package: Ammo upgrade (This works hand-in-hand with promethian vision, you now have more bullets to spam, spam, spam, spam, and spam. IF you’re lucky this perk oops I mean package will let you spam more grenades.)

Armour customization: ReconZ (So you can look like the baddest Halo player with your awesome black and red colour to look like a dragon or pre-order from every store possible to get pixels for a pixel character! All the twelve year olds will praise you and send you 500 friend requests.)

Primary grenade: Frag (More versatile and can be bounced into hard to reach places.)

Killstreak: 5 kill streak - banshee strike (banshee bombs blow up half the map … I mean whoops wrong game trolololol what am I saying.)

By now you are probably infuriated and you’re about to smack your face on the keyboard. Hold on, this is satire and this was just meant to get your attention. I’m a Halo player you see … and I just have concerns with what Halo is turning into. I know we got to adapt and revolutionize Halo but please someone tell me there will be a playlist called “ACTUAL HALO”. You know where we all spawn with BR’s and we fight to control power weapons, time power weapons, hold map control, get our ranks up by actually winning and not just shooting grunts in the face all day. Know what I mean? I just hope there’s a “HALO” gametype and one called “DERP HALO” or something. “DERP HALO” will have people sprinting around double beating each other down and random weapon drops hitting players in the face with little kids screaming how bloom is competitive and all. Again, I just want to reassure you all that I’m not against these additions to Halo, just please someone tell me that they will keep “DERP HALO” out of “ACTUAL HALO” (and don’t call it classic Halo, that is insulting to many Halo players as we just see it as Halo, we shouldn’t have to be marginalized and play one playlist called “ACTUAL HALO” while 20 other playlists are “DERP HALO”.

Thanks for your time. And no, there will be no TL;DR because this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed and I hope that I made it clear to you all. Thoughts?