Ultimate Guide to Halo 4

Here is the Ultimate Guide to Halo 4

The Weapons
There are more weapons available here than there has ever been in a Halo game. There are three sets of weapons: UNSC, Covenant, and Promethean. Here are the weapons confirmed so far. There is supposed to be 10 new weapons, as well as 4 different grenades. New Weapons are red.

-UNSC Weapons
Assault Rifle
Battle Rifle
Designated Marksman Rifle
Squad Automatic Weapon
Sniper Rifle
Rocket launcher
Spartan Laser
Sticky Detonator
Machine Gun Turret

-Covenant Weapons
Plasma pistol
Storm Rifle
Energy Sword
Fuel Rod cannon (confirmed in Spartan Ops at SDCC)
Beam Rifle (confirmed by Mcfarlenes)
Plasma Cannon

-Promethean Weapons
Light Rifle
Scatter Shot
Promethean Repeater
Promethean Sniper
Promethean Pistol

Fragmentation Grenade
Plasma Grenade
EMP Grenade

There hasn’t been too much information on vehicles in the game. There are supposedly 2 new vehicles. The new vehicle health system has also been released in the new specializations article on IGN. Vehicles now have health that recharges, rather than have a solid health bar, or use the shield strength of the driver. Here are the vehicles seen so far.

-UNSC Vehicles
Scorpion Tank
Cyclops Mark II

-Covenant Vehicles

Loadouts are available for you to customize to your style. You can select what rifle, sidearm, grenades, armour abilities, and armour modifications (tactical and support packages) you want to spawn with. You unlock more choices as you level up. To balance this, there are also preset loadouts available to everyone that grants them access to loadout options they may not have even unlocked yet.

-Primary Weapons
Assault Rifle
Battle Rifle
Designated Marksman Rifle
Storm Rifle
Light Rifle
Promethean Repeater

-Secondary Weapons
Plasma Pistol
Promethean Pistol

-Armour Abilities
Thruster Pack
Active Camouflage
Regeneration Field
Auto Sentry
Promethean Vision
Hardlight Shield

Fragmentation Grenade
Plasma Grenade
EMP Grenade

-Tactical Packages
Firepower: allows spawning with two primary weapons
Shielding: shields recharge faster
AA Efficiency: AAs recharge faster
Grenadier: allows spawning with an extra grenade

-Support Packages
Awareness: can see motion sensor while scoped in
Re-supply: allows player to pick grenades up from dead bodies
Mobility: allows for infinite sprinting
Sensor Upgrade: increases the range of you motion sensor
Ammo Upgrade: increases the amount of ammo you can carry

Specializations are earned when you reach the max rank (level 50). When you reach level 50, you can choose which specialization you want to partake in (only to available at first for regular edition owners, LE owners get access to all 8 at the start). All 8 are available to all players however. When you enlist in one, you must progress through another 10 ranks (unlocking special armours, emblems, armour and weapons skins on the way). Once you reach level 10 of that specialization, you earn the specializations mod (works as a tactical or support package), and you choose to re-enlist into a different specialization (keeping everything you’ve earned). This means there will be 130 ranks in total to progress through.

Wetworks: Wetwork Mod
-Quieter sprint
-Only show up as an outline on promethean vision
-Faster assassinations

Pioneer: Fast Track Mod
-Earn more XP

Engineer: Drop Recon Mod
-See Ordinance drops before everyone else
-Can see ordinance weapons from a farther range

Tracker: Unnamed Mod

  • Can re-roll on personal ordinance drops in Infinity modes

Rogue: Unnamed Mod

  • Stay scoped when being shot at

Stalker: Nemesis Mod

  • Can see the last enemy that killed you
  • Can see enemies that are firing at you

Pathfinder: Gunner Mod

  • Speeds up cool down on mounted weapons
  • Faster speed while carrying detached turrets

Operator: Wheelman Mod

  • Speeds up vehicle health recharge rate
  • Slight resistance to EMP blast

Not much info on campaign is know outside of what we saw at E3. It’s the return of Masterchief and Cortana, with an all new enemy. Need I say more?


War Games
War Games is the new name for competitive multiplayer. New modes are added, and there are going to be 10 maps in total. The actually ranking system is still unknown, but the progression system is similar Reach’s. As you play, you earn XP, and when you earn enough you level up, you earn new free armour, and Spartan points, which go towards building your loadouts.

-War Game Modes
Slayer: Kill the enemy team
Infinity Slayer: Kill the enemy team, and call in ordinance drops as you earn more points.
Regicide: Score the most points, the top player will have a bounty over their head, and killing them scores you 15 extra points
King of the Hill: Control the hill for the longest time
Capture the Flag: Capture the enemy flag and defend yours
Oddball: Hold on to the oddball the longest

-War Game Maps

Spartan Ops
Spartan Ops is the new cooperative mode in Halo 4. Rather than just fighting off waves of enemies, Spartan Ops is a second campaign built for coop that takes place 6 months after the events of Halo 4. You play objective based missions, and each week, 5 new missions are released. Season one is completely free, and will span over 10 weeks, meaning you will have 50 missions in the end. Also, each episode (set of 5 missions) comes with cut scenes to explain the story and what is happening.

Forge has been improved for Halo 4. There are some new features added, like dynamic lighting, selected objects being highlighted, player trait zones, and the ability to lock objects in place. Also, there will be three different forge environments available at launch.

-Forge Maps (3)

Editions of the Game

There are three editions of the Halo 4, each with its own bonuses, plus a pre-order bonus depending on where you pre-order from. Here are the three versions of Halo 4:

-Standard Edition ($59.99)
Regular Case
Game & Manual

-Limited Edition ($99.99)
Steel Case
Game & Manual
UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet
Early Access to Specializations
Three War Games DLC Map Packs
Forward Unto Dawn Special Edition
Exclusive In-Game Content (Armour skin, Emblem, and AR skin)
Exclusive Avatar Gear (Spartan IV Outfit and Prop)

-Console Edition ($399.99)
Custom Designed Console
Two Custom Designed Controllers
Black Wired Headset
320 GB Hard Drive
Halo 4 Standard Edition
Exclusive In-Game Content (Armour Skin, Emblem, and Light Rifle Skin)
Exclusive Avatar Gear (Outfit and Prop)

Preorder Bonuses

Hope you guys find this stuff useful!

Sorry to put all this work to waist friend, but…There are already multiple threads that have this information. Some are even pinned on the forum.

> Sorry to put all this work to waist friend, but…There are already multiple threads that have this information. Some are even pinned on the forum.

yeah but ive pretty much summed up everything as well as explain it