Ultimate Chopper counter attack!

This is how you counter Choppers!

Link to video

Hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you think.

Have you done something similar or better?

Also, see Taking on the Gauss!

Pretty good!

But I prefer the dodge before he runs you down and throw sticky at the front wheel just before, technique. works a charm.

Well that is the on-foot way of handling things.

Yes, but if i was to use a vehicle then id just blow it smithereens with a couple of hits from a wraith.

but thats me, im lazy HA

Hmmmm. Lets say you were in a Chopper getting pursued by another Chopper. What would you do then?

Ok… now this is what I like, SCENARIOS! Well, id try to spin around on the chopper behind and aim to hit were the driver is while shooting him, but I suppose there are many ways, like making him speed up near a cliff edge and preform some magic turn to make him nose dive of the edge… I don’t know I could be here all day saying different outcomes LOL

Are you sure you watched the linked videos? Haha

No LMFAO i just guessed, see my computer is terribly slow and having more then two tabs open i risk a complete internet FAIL! x] call me lazy i did say. ahahaha

Haha I knew something wasn’t right.

I couldn’t keep up the Charade forever i knew i would get caught out ahahaha fair play matey

But i when i get the chance, ill have a look. (And thats the truth)


Alright man. We will wait.