Ult. Suggestion Post

Hi I have gathered a collection of what i think is some universally good ideas that everyone would agree on. Please if you have the patience and time to read through it all and tell me what you thought. Also post some ideas that are logical, no crazy probably not gonna happen ideas please! Sorry for the layout of the post, its alot of info and i copy and pasted most from notepad.There are 4 categories
1:1 liner suggestions
2:thought out essays on certain ideas
3:complaints (i did this mostly during reach’s premier, so alot of it may be fixed)
4:forge: i know this is multiplayer forum but i realy wanted to make one well thought out post.I will start with basically one-liner suggestions:

1.No bloom please 343. people say it took skill to time but how does waiting take skill?
if anything it only adds luck to the people who spam.

2.three burst takes more skill in every playstyle except swat…its much harder to keep the
reticule on a person for the full 3 burst then for 1 shot and the br has much less auto-aim

3.no aa’s, it isnt halo.

4.bring map control back please, used to power weapons were put in power positions, now they
put in dark alleyways in the back of the map.

5.power positions are rare in reach. these are where a player can see a large portion of the
map, but are very vulnrable. Top gold on zealot is a good example.

6.melees- please put back bleedthru, im sick of just because beats me down after i do 3 shots
and a beat down, were on the same level. they need to play smart not just melee me.

7.1-50 ranking system please, the only reason the current system M I G H T be better is
cause no1 wants to cheat for such a crappy,hidden rating. It is still entirely possible to
cheat the current system by classic deranking/boosting and 2+2 partys.

8.if equipment in halo3 wasnt good, im pretty sure spawning with over powerd equipment in
reach is worse. I never got satisfaction for killing someone with a powerdrain but im pretty
sure its annoying to get killed by one therefore it accomplishes nothing.

9.please go back to halo3 vehicles…making vehilcles weaker and adding a ton of them is
terrible for gameplay, now u get annoyed by being killed by a vehicle without the
satisfaction of getting a kill with a vehicle. In halo3you had to br the guy in it which
took more skill, while gernades and rockets were dodgeable depending on the skill of the driver
and on the skill of the shooter/thrower

10.i hate all the smoke from gernades sometimes i cant even see the guy infront of me its
ridiculous this isnt cod

11.no “quick-fixes” for getting kills. for example the needler is overpowered in the hands of a
less skilled individual. “How?”, you ask. it is extremely easy to die from but you run out of ammo after
1-2 engagements meaning if a good player used this it wouldnt help they would simply
be out of ammo…

12.a need for a universal weapon. the br was amazing dmr is good but br is better. no one wants
rock-paper-scissors gameplay, it makes for boring pre-determined fights.


14.make melees either harder to do or reduce to around 75% of sheilds instead of 100% shields.

15.Please make the sniper harder to use…also make it more twitch-aim like the halo3 one.

16.MVP back please, but it should incorporate deaths and assists.

17.Grenade recharge option please, along with tons of other custom game options.

18.Alternate HUD colors. Light blue can be extremely difficult on snowy maps or maps with
blue sky. Also a problem with older TVs. Maybe like Darkish purple or grey.

19.Armor lock fixes:
1.Make time shorter
2.no emp
3.cannot come out until full time is finished. This would allow combatants to plan
4.faster recharge.
5.no recharging shield in it.
6:no 360 view while in AL

20.Weaken vehicle explosions. This makes being in a vehicle even WORSE. Its also bad for alot
of custom games.

21.Go back to halo2 movement speed and jump. This speeds up the game and makes aiming harder.

22.343 favorites…the current “most downloaded” thing always has anime for nerds,cat’s butt
and bad forge maps/games.

23.**(i know it wont happen but)music for your custom games would be sweet. like some songs
moved to customs from campaign.

24.More symmetrical maps, they dont have to be exact (like the pitt) but make em close(like

25.Shorter kill times. Used if i was at the right time at the right place, i could get
an over kill by myself, now i need 4 oneshots and a lucky gernade to get one at all.
Its just another way bungie tried to nerf good people.

26.Shorter text. Often it blocks an important part of the screen.

27.Less ties…the amount of ties is ridiculous in reach especially when i get a bulltrue
and the dude still kills me.

28.IDK if its still possible in reach, but in h3 u could see what the custom option games
were before you started the game. This is VERY helpful for alot of games.

29.Make vehicles that you can move freely in. Like the elephant but smaller and faster.

30.Please put mongoose back to h3 speed its so slow now.

31.lower guns on xbl

32.No weapon option…i dont see why not and this would be helpful for soo many customs.

33.Make gernade physics more consistant. I can throw the gernade and it will bounce. Then on
the same surface it will stick to it. this is soooo annoying.

34.Decrease the strength of vehicle weapons but increase there resistance to damage. Ex, make
the Warthog gun a little bit weaker but increase the resistance to enemy fire. Remember the
satisfaction of flippign or sticking a warthog with an awsome nade?

35.Take away stupid medals like first strike, add no scope/ninja/etc if possible.

36.more postgame stats including mvp, total damage done, kills without power weapons,
kills stolen, % of bullets hit, etc.

37.Definatly keep screenshots of you, its like a trip into memory lane.

38.Option to where game leader is only one to forge (like halo3).

39.A kill counter during objective games, this way people wouldnt fight over which to choose(slayer or objective)
as much (but, i hope, wouldnt lead to ignoring the objective)

40.bring back flag juggling, right now its soooo slugish and boring to take the flag.

41.option for aim-acceleration.

42.I miss not being able to through well-placed gernades across map simply because my spartan
cant throw far enough.

43.(probly wont happen but would be interesting)A weapon that is single shot, no aim assist
3 shots to kill if headshot, and shoots about as fast as a dmr and has 6-8 bullets per clip
It has the range of a focus rifle and is a human weapon.

44.Tweak gernade launcher to ,where if it hits someone dead on without bouncing its an auto
kill. Also make it bounce more realistically with a better arch.

45.Race playlist. Even im not a fan of racing but id like to see it.

46.Gernades-my main complaint isnt that the blast radius is too big, that they’re too powerful
or they detonate too fast, its that you can start shooting much faster after you throw
one than in previous halos. Thats also a problem when throwing multiple gernades.

47.Please no sprint it causes many more problems than it fixes. Like sprinting with CQB
and double meleeing. Just add faster movement speed.

48.option to Increase Mag sizes for pistol/ar and other non power weapons. 1 kill per clip is ridiculous
and encourages sprinting for a melee.

49.please take the main precision weapon (dmr/br) back to 2x zoom. Especially if the weapon
i just mentioned is introduced. Cross mapping is way to easy and makes for bad map

  1. healthpacks or not, theyre needs to be some visual interpretation oh how much health you
    have (yes halo 3 had health too, it recharged though)

51.(probly not gonna happen) make it to where we can carry 2 weapons and a side arm which is
(halo3 pistol, and probably halo3 plasma rifle because the [plasma pistol is insane) so for
example we could have a rocket, a assault rifle, and a pistol.

  1. please use all buttons on the controller for the next halo. I cant count the times in the
    same game i needed a button for hold to crouch and then toggle crouch.

  2. completely customizable button setups

54.The snipers damage to vehicles honestly needs to be reduced…

55.please no more of this pink and purple stuff coming from weapons, it looks so cheesy.

56.For ranked playlists, Your service record in halo4 needs to list your 1-50 for each
(assuming its a 1-50 system) We all know that a 50 in lovewolves wasnt a 50 in MLG

57.If someone on your team quits, it should be allowed for someone new to join. That way
matches arent instantly decided when someone quits. (this is true for reach only, as
players skill is greatly capped) As punishment for quitting a game, Your 100x more likely
to sub-in your next game until you have subbed in for an equal amount of games that you have
quit. This is a rough idea, with tweaking needed, but a good idea all around. Dont say “but
he/she wouldnt get the credits they deserve!” well maybe play for fun instead of credits?

58.please make shield doors a little easier to see like the H3 ones, the reach ones are kind of hard
to see and hard to forge with.

59.Being able to spawn in vehicles and Not being able to get out of a vehicle (unless flipped which gives you 10 seconds to return like in the RACE variant)
this would help for alot of custom games

If you limit every weapon to a niche, then we have rock,paper,scissors gameplay and basical
ly pre-determined battles. You walk into a room and the enemy has a shotgun and you dont,
your dead. You spawn out in the open and you have a AR and the enemy has a sniper your
dead. You have a rocket launcher and the enemy has a DMR,and even though you miss you
are still capable of killing him you still win that fight. How is that fun or balanced?
The utility weapon stops that from happening, and makes you outplay the opponent to get
that kill rather than getting basically a free kill. NOW THATS BALANCE. The utitility
weapon is the great balancer of the Halo sandbox and makes elements like teamshot,
indivdual skill,set-up, teamwork all shine in Halo gameplay it is a huge part of the
be more versatile weapons like the HCE pistol/H2 BR/H3 BR/Reach DMR being added to the
game to lessen the mid-range dominace of these weapons(where most battles take place)
and give us a reason to drop these utitlity weapons.

In Halo 2/3/Reach, this style of teamwork is simply ineffective, because a lone player is
laughably inept, regardless of their ability. Teamwork is forced into its most basic form:
stick close together and shoot together; any other variation of teamwork is rendered
useless. The misconception of “more teamwork” in this situation stems from the fact that
this style of teamwork is easily understandable and easily enacted. Anyone watching a
game, even newer players, can see two players close together, teamshooting, and say,
“wow, teamwork!” Now, have them watch a game of 2v2 Halo CE, where two teammates can
be working in tandem from across the map, with one player attacking a team while the
other secures a simultaneous Rocket/Camo spawn, setting up his teammates next respawn
and forcing the other team into a poor spawn, and the viewer will only see two seperate
players doing their own thing unless they fully understand the complexities of the game.
I cannot physically detach myself further than support distance from my teammates
in 2/3/Reach and have any reasonable expectation of success, no matter how good of
a player I am. Teammork is forced into static variations of “hold this postion together,
push this position together.” This style of teamwork is incredibly easy to perform
(although mastery of it requires a lot of experience), so even average teams are able
to display some form of it. This makes it look like every team is doing means you have
to focus much harder, the skill gap increases, and the reward is that much greater.

Well after playing many games of people crouchwalking i got an idea. This idea would make
it to where it updates there location every 3-5 seconds.This is in addition to the standard
always showing the moving people radar. It just adds for the people not moving/crouching/afk/etc.
With the pulse system, it would still be just as hard to track kills if they get away
(which is why i think they use normal and not enhanced in matchmaking) Everyone’s radar
would pulse simultaneosly. The idea is to, everytime your radar bleeps, your enemy’s bleeps
also, and you have to run to a new location if your running from an enemy then crouching.
I think this would also make the game more skillful cause it makes you plan and think on your
feet everytime your radar updates, if your not already in motion. This is just to help stop camper
from being so dominant. If you still dont understand imagine you have your normal radar laying on
top of a pulse radar (that detects everyone)

At the intended range for AR:
Ex1. AR vs unskilled DMR = AR should win
Ex2. AR vs skilled DMR = 50/50
Ex3. AR vs very skilled DMR = DMR should win.For DMRs intended range:
Ex1. unskilled DMR vs AR = 50/50
Ex2. skilled DMR vs AR = DMR should win
Ex3. very skilled DMR vs AR = DMR should dominateAll of this is based on the fact that DMR will have no bloom and AR will have bloom in H4.Currently, to beat an even below average AR user at about 15 feet(which SHOULD be the MAX distance an AR user should have ANY advantages over the DMR) , you have to SPAM your DMR and hit all 5 shots and HOPE that when you SPAM you get LUCKY enough to hit all of them including the final headshot. This severely decreases the skill gap for both users.NO i dont like bloom.
NO dont say to pace my shots with my DMR because even if I did, and hit them all, Id still lose.
NO im not promoting weapon balance, that leads to very boring fights.The bloom on the AR needs to stay because it has the capability, if the user has enough skill, to be effective at a greater distance. You cant deny bursting an AR across map doesnt take skill to make the shots connect.Im not saying nerf the AR as that would slow down gameplay greatly. Simply remove bloom and that would allow for much more diverse fight results and the skill gap would be allowed to grow.TLDR:
1.The AR needs to be a skilled weapon while remaining true to its niche and remaining noob friendly in its
niche,but not noob friendly in other weapons niches.
2 .There needs to be a be a chance that if the DMR(or any weapon out of the AR’s niche, not counting power
weapons) user has enough skill, he can beat the AR. Which currently requires max skill and a TON of luck.
3.The AR, if in the hands of a very skilled user, needs to be effective in other niches. ‘’

Multiple utility weapons, i think, is what halo 4 needs.I think this would remove alot of harsh feeling against the AR while making the AR users happy

we all know bungie/343 or whoever liked experimental playlists becauase they would put em in for matchmaking for a couple weeks just to see how they do.heres a couple id like for 343/bungie to try out:1v1 playlist:
NO power weapons or powerups, simple grenades and DMRs/ARs (maybe magnums)
Enhanced radar, for those who dont know what this is it is a radar where crouching or standing still doesnt take you off of it.Peoples main complaint with this playlist in H3 was the power weapons and crouching, this removes both. TEAM PRO playlist:Remove slayer pro from all playlists
DMR starts, 2 frags
Symmetrical maps only
Sprint only
No powerweapons or maybe just sniper.
This would feature objective also which includes oddball, ctf, assault.the difference in this playlist from others include;
MLG: Mlg is top of the class people, so it is very hard to do well.
there are no pickup abilities
there are no rockets/plasmapistols/snipers
Swat: there are shields and grenades
Snipers: there are dmrs
Team Arena:Theres jetpack in arena… enough said


IF they implement this simple system, no more mess with this quit ban garbage.

During the game, say you lose a player, another one will join. The one that joined has recently quit a game.
If you quit a game, you must sub-in the amount of games you quit. For example if you quit 2 games in a row you must sub in 2 games before you can start on a new game. The quitter neither gets the credits from the game they quit nor the one they sub-in for.Im just immensely sick of people quitting the game.

4 arena games today, each one someone quit before the match even
started, and all 4 games lost.

I’d like to know how this system wouldnt be MILES better then what we have.

(arena penalties still count for quitting, sub ins are still allowed though)

These may have been fixed so sorry if some were:

2 shotguns and 2 swords on countdown

camping with imperfect radar in doubles

jetpack for noobs

too much camping and power weapons

the sword in doubles, for starters i dont even see 10 ppl in the time it takes for
the 2nd one to spawn…

its ridiculously hard to kill a sworder thats camping cuz he sees
u on radar u dont see him , which is another problem with unenhanced radar

cant see reticule when j-packers fly in air cuz sky is blue

cant use the following against jpackers: nades… nade launcher…rockets if they fly up

shotgun shotgun has 18 shots when u pick it up…really? i dont even see 18 ppl in the
time it takes for another to spawn…

75% melee for arena…were not all bks cmon give us a playlist that takes skill

im not sure if mlg turned down the offer for ranked but if they did they did it before
arena was w/l

countdown is a good map…just the pw’s are ridiculous…18 for shotgun and 10 for sword…
not to mention there can be 2 of each. crazy.

bungie needs to put in mlg’s sanctuary…way better lines of site and no ridiculous spawn

i cant delete the cage…asylum…hemmorhage etc in my custom maps list, they are trash

bungie says the new rank system is better cuz less ppl cheat, but who would want to cheat
for such a trash ranking system in the first place?

bloom, hear me out i know it takes more skill, but that doesnt change the fact it adds
a TON of luck to a fight. fix it.

the first strike medal replaces my perfection on the medal board…not my fault bungie
employees cant get one

Credits. im sick of asking the 1 out of 100 ppl on my fl that are on halo reach to play with
me but they say they cant they need to firefight to rank up.

bungie puts power weapons in the dark alleyways where no one ever goes, used to they were
put top mid to encourage map flow and map control. now, the rockets on boardwalk, are for
power weapon hoarders.


Banshee bombs are RIDICULOUS. They bmbs should be weaker but the banshee itself needs to be
much stronger.

Holy -Yoink- china has competition :stuck_out_tongue:

warthog (transportation) atleast 5 seats, no gunner

falcon (transportation) atleast 5 seats, no gunner

black lights (similar to current lights, but make places darker)

i want a vehicle that you can just walk around on…who doesnt have fun trying to snipe
on top of a falcon? kinda like u could walk around on a elephant while still being in

more circular forge peices please

larger peices, i want a colliseum wall atleast 4x the size it is now

!the 360 probly couldnt handle it but…i want fog or mist for forge

ok how cool would being able to paint your entire spartan?i would do like a digital camo kinda thing with white and black. thats way cooler than being able to choose ur spartans helmet

trait zones

target locator

dead bodies/blood/destroyed vehicles

jackal shield as pickup

namable sections of forgeworld(s)

M U S I C for your custom game

objects you can put weapons into kinda like the covy crates

disorientations grenade i know its call of duty-ish but it’d be fun even if it barely did
anything and would be great for custom games!

i want sandbox from halo3 back it was so much fun forging in the night-ish outside of sandbox

weather like rain and snow

visible kill zones

flashlights that you can pickup(like halo2 flashlights)

radar that you can pick up(not enhanced radar tho)

nightvision gogles pickup

Ladders from Halo CE that you look up to use

Signs that say warning/danger/up/right/caution/etc.

Portable bridges/walls. These would operate like the covenant portable shields and be the various sizes of the Shield doors we currently have. They would take much more damage to destroy,however.

AANDDD now my favorite part the new forge worlds that i would love:

volcano with giant hill in middle as the volcano and you can drop into volcano to a sort of flat landscape. Lava could play the role of killing water.

Cratered moon with massively deep canyons as killzones (like ascension from halo2)

Tundra, it would have some massive forests one of the edges could be a massive drop into the freezing ocean wile the other sides could be massive walls of frozen snow.

Red desert:Kind of beautiful red sand with giant redish granite cliffs. Also a moon on the sky kinda like the default desktop on alot of computers called "redmoon desert"It could feature a dry riverbed or lakebed for flat areas. Maybe throw in a watery oasis?

For a urban environment, what about a massive factory with outlying roads to smaller buildings. The factory would be huge and the buildings on the outside would be similar tofoundry. The entire thing could be incased in a glass-like dome from the simpsons. The mapmaker could give the impression that somethting went wrong in the city and it had to be quarentined. Kinda like from the simpsons movie. Good for competitive inside maps.

Rainy tropical forest, not much ideas but maybe some trees that are easily maneuverable thru like jumping from branch to branch nothing special.

And regular forge world of course.

Each of these would feature a different purpose, some for competitive, some for asthetic,
some for huuuuuuuuuuuuuge maps. Some for small for no screenlag. Each map would be different
in size and shape to help cater to each forger’s needs.

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