UK Veterans Support Group

Because of another excellent thread on here I realised more and more of us are losing chances to play MCC because we are social players at heart. Without people to play with in matchmaking it’s just killing our enjoyment of the game.

With this thread I’d like to try and refill my friends list with active Halo players, especially those who are from the UK (I don’t stay up late enough to play with you -Yoink!- Yanks anymore) and preferably ages 25+ (only because I want some common ground as far as how we first experienced Halo)

If you meet my criteria and want to be a part of this and improve your friends list also then leave your gamer tag and let us know.
If you like the idea but don’t meet the criteria, then you can either still leave your gamer tag, or make your own thread for your area/age.

My gamer tag is Richnj

I likes Big Team mostly, any type of objective games or supporting small teams.
I’m on xbox most nights and have planned to be dedicated to Halo during Weekend evenings.

(I know we have threads for meet and greets but finding MCC players is an important goal of this)