UK servers being forced to play US servers

Why am I being forced to be playing on US servers when I’m in the UK? The ping is awful because of this and ruining the enjoyment of the game.


This happens more frequently and seriously in Asian players.
343 should launch the link selection of the server.
This affects the fairness of the game as well as the player’s gaming experience.

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It’s awful. It never used to be a problem on previous halo games and I’m never one to complain either but dying around corners and amongst other issues just sucks and I haven’t touched it since simply because it’s not possible to play until it’s rectified.

open your notepad as administrator.
open the hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
enter the following servers into the file at the end:

LEAVE OUT the one(s) you want to play on.

Edit: except you play on Xbox, then IDK lol
Edit2: save file ofc

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I play on Xbox unfortunately so I cannot use that.

Aw dang man, I feel you.

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Is it difficult for players in the same region to use local servers a technical problem?
Or is the number of players too small to match across the ocean?
This is halo, not an unknown game.
This problem must be solved as soon as possible

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There should be a way to do this even on xbox, i’m on pc so i don’t know but keep searching for a way

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Search for " [BUG FIX] NO MORE LAG! Select the server you want to play on! A guide on how to play Halo on the server you deserve. reddit", I am legit too stupid to circumvent the link filtering. Oh, wait it was because of the Youtube link in the copied instruction text, mb. Here is the link with spaces: http s://

All the best.

Copied the text, so it’s available here without following the link:

Guide (Xbox)

  1. Gain access to your router.
  2. Find the screen for “Static Routing” or something similar.
  3. Add entries for the servers you want to block.

Subnet mask: (try if that doesn’t work)

Default gateway/Gateway IP: Your router’s IP address

Destination IP: One of the IP addresses below

Metric: 2

You might have other settings, you may need to Google or trial and error for your specific router.

[This outdated video](https ://www made for MCC may also be of help.

If you don’t know your router’s IP address, you can open Command Prompt and use the ipconfig command. Default gateway will be your router’s IP address.

    australiaeast -
    australiasoutheast -
    southafricanorth -
    westeurope -
    southcentralus -
    japaneast -
    japanwest -
    northeurope -
    westus -
    westus2 -
    northcentralus -
    eastus2 -
    eastus -
    southeastasia -
    centralus -
    brazilsouth -
    eastasia -

This will break your routers ability to access these IP addresses correctly, similar to the “hosts” file method.