UK Players..

Hello all UK players who have come in here.

Looking for some more UK friends, though i do play with many other players, right now there’s barely anyone online on H4 on my friends list.

I’m casual/ competitive/ custom player. I drive warthogs off cliffs for fun, i go on solo missions for a flag, and i play MLG customs.

I’ve found allot of competitive UK players to have a chip on their shoulder, raging or not bothered about respect for one another. I like to have some fun, play hard and have some good laughs. I’m all for training and MLG customs. Frankly i’d love to attend some tourns but ain’t good enough right now.

If you’re someone who shares my Halo attitude then i’d love to play with you. I’m in a clan, but would join another (if it was allowed by yours) for internal tournaments , game nights etc.

UK only though please. I’m 26 from the South West.




If you have time check Revolution of Gaming out (RoG)

I was looking for very similar things as yourself and joined RoG just over a week ago. I have already gained 30 plus friends on xbox because of it. The gamers on there are very relaxed, including UK gamers, no chip on the shoulder so to speak. I have also now played some excellent forge maps created by the members as well as some good BTB and team slayer games.

Good luck