UK - Late 20s - Chill/Fun Evenings - Mic

Without trying to sound too much like a tinder profile, I just want to play with some relaxed gamers on the evenings. I’m not interested in people taking the game too seriously and getting mad when we lose. Just want to have a laugh and play.

I’m a bit rusty but getting back into things. I rarely go negative so that’s a bonus of having me on your team.

I am playing any game in the MCC (H3 is my bread and butter) and Halo 5.

If you’re looking for people to play with then I’m game!

I’m on in the evenings when I have more time. Also from the UK so no timezone issues there.

I largely go positive as well, but can take a loss if it happens.

I’ll play any Halo except for H5. BTB is my main playlist, but yeah pretty much down for anything.

My gamertag is ARMOURED KING