UK GAME Midnight release/London Launch Event

Ive been looking for Midnight release info for GAME Found Here…
However there is no mention of any Stores in the central london area - specificaly Oxford Street. I choose this store because its Central London for Gods sake!!

Does anyone know if Oxford Street GAME will open for a Midnight Release?

I’ll be going there Tomorrow to ask them so if no one on here knows i’ll find out for us all tomorrow.


Does anyone know of any London launch events like we had for Reach?

Just bumping this to the tops because I need the info…

I believe that store shut a few months ago, I remember reading about it in the news. You might want to check out the other London stores namely the Stratford Westfield store, a lot of special things will be taking place at that location on Monday evening, and I think it will be worth the extra journey distance to do so.

check xboxuk on twitter and facebook for the details.