UK/EU players forced to connect to US servers. Why?

I have a Netduma router with Geo Filter set to UK/EU servers only (Dublin or Amsterdam) to avoid connecting to US servers. Everything has been working fine until tonight (after midnight GMT) when that all very familiar cross Atlantic bullcrap starts happening and I can barely get a kill due to the lag/latency…bullets not registering, beat downs not registering, shot around corners, dying is less than usual TTK. burst fire receiving in full packets…you know the score if you’ve played previous Halo games and had to suffer this kind of crap.

What has happened to the servers to force lobbies to connect to US rather than UK/EU? Is the population dwindling that badly already that they are having to force us to connection to US servers whilst we’re still in “beta”? How are the Halo Infinite servers circumventing my Geo Filter to prevent this from happening?

If this is a sign of things to come then 343i and Microsoft can kiss my -Yoink!-. Are any other UK/EU players experiencing these issues too?


theyy normally have search settings for this. guess we have to wait for an update. its throwing me in 100 ping btb games after finding a match after 2 seconds. I dont mind waiting a minute for a good lobby


I feel your pain friend… I’m Aussie mate, I also geo filter & I also get 200+ms games & also bleed CSR.

I agree with you as well Ryan, I wouldn’t mind waiting another minute or 2 for the rounds to be done before expanding search.

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We are rural Mid North Coast, NSW. I don’t check, but my husband does, he said 317ms - I’m not 100% educated with all of this, but he says that’s pretty bad.


I feel for you guys :joy: In the UK we average 90 ping on East US and on Infinite it’s so noticeable, it just makes you a better player on home servers though. I’ve always wondered how you even continue at 200 ping. We definitely need Infinite promoting a lot more in other countries to ramp up the player base.


Ooooooff that is rouuuggghh mate! I would be breaking controllers or keyboards!! Your hubby could run faster than that connection! Tell him a random feels for you!

:joy: I literally put up a post about this. I just can’t let the team down, I feel bad if I was to quit so I just endure the process and apologize for bringing a packed lunch & 6 pack to watch the fight crouched in the corner. It just sucks losing 13 CSR & your MMR is ruined by it & then it takes 7 games to get that 13 CSR back. Really frustrating!

This is bonkers! I get a better ping from EU to Japan. WTF

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How are they circumventing our Geo Filters to force us on to servers that we don’t wish to play on?

Yeah it happens to me occasionally, we need an option to choose our favourite servers

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This is a great question… My mate and I literally watched the game try and force us into US servers.

I’m not 100% with all of this, but it sounds like we have a pretty bad connection. We live in an area that’s all dirt roads and you have to swerve all over the place to avoid hitting wallabies and kangaroos. Up until a couple of years ago, when the NBN was put through, I kid you not, the main phone line up to here was zip tied to a barbed wire fence across one of the causeways.


You have my deepest sympathies. I hope that the game gets better player to server region allocation.

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343 couldn’t give a crap about anyone outside of the US. The netcode simply isn’t good enough to compensate for high ping.

Just done a test in day time from UK (approx 3pm GMT) and can confirm that I’m still connecting to US servers (Chicago) with a ping of 106ms. I don’t know how they are forcing connection with Geo Filter enabled to UK only so I’m raising the issue with Netduma.

I’ve gone from going positive most games to barely being able to get a kill within the last 24 hours…the game is literally unplayable like this. Shoot first, die first in a fraction of the usual TTK isn’t my idea of fun or a fair game.

Something has changed server side in the last 24 hours…and it’s not a good thing!


Iv been on my own server with about 28-32 ping and I still get issues when doing dmg lol. Some dude took 4 energy sword hits to kill, 4!!! I died to his teammates…

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We need to be able to filter out servers that are not in our region just like we could in the MCC. Being forced to connect to a server that’s so far away and dealing with server lag is so frustrating.
Hits not registering.
Shot around corners.
A stray bullet melts your shields.
Enemy shields pop and they don’t die after being shot.

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I have just finished playing a few ranked games, 146 - 246ms ping. I would love for this to be fixed with options of server selection. It would really help all players in all regions!

I’m not sure what that even means tbh?

Please update me when netduma replies to you, i don’t have a geo filtering router but i want to know why this is happening