UK/EU players for competitive ranked Halo Infinite

Hi folks,

I’m onyx 1600 ish in the open crossplay and maxed out around 1650, but it’s really hard to push into the 1700 with only 1 player against full teams.

I’m looking for like minded Halo players who have an interest in ranking up and playing sweaty games with strategy and meta. Although I do not have an interest in playing in tournaments, I play Halo to win. I’ve played all the Halo, know most call outs, map control, spawns, follow the meta etc etc.

If you from the UK/EU that would be fab, if your from NA and can play that would be great too.

GT - Legally Binding and drop me a message.

Send me a friend request, I’ve played Halo from 2004 to 2011 took a break came back for MCC which was a flop. Back again 2022 to see if Infinity any better.