UI needs a lot of work

First off let me say that I like the new UI aesthetic, especially noticeable in the Armor Hall and Store, however from a usability standpoint, it leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not very intuitive and there is a lot of clicking required to get to simple and relevant information on any given screen.

Main Lobby Screen: The News window blocks the view of my fireteam. For a game touting to be player focused this doesn’t seem to fit in line with that focus.
Suggestion: Move News window to the upper left or give it its own tab at the top(preferred)

Post Game Screen: If I want to see who had the most kills on the team I have to click and go back to the main page for each player, this is a ridiculous amount of clicking to get some basic info.
Suggestion: The post game screen should show the overall scoreboard first so I can see how everyone did, then if the I wish, I should be able to drill into an individual player for more details(medals earned and other stats).

Armor Hall(Main Page): Oh boy where to begin. Helmet and Visor icons are exactly the same. It could be clearer in terms of what I am editing. And I have to scroll to get to knees and utility sockets
Suggestion 1: Move the item name and rarity below the sockets and shrink the font. Move the “Select your Spartan’s…” text to above the sockets and increase the font.
Suggestion 2: Move the sockets to the left and right of my Spartan model similar to how character/inventory screens are in many RPGs. (Optional: add faint lines connecting each socket square to the area of the Spartan that is being changed by selected socket.

Armor Hall(Sockets page): Again we have a scrollable row of sockets to be selected. Clicking on an item takes you to the items lore page.
Suggestion: move the items into 3-4 columns to either side of the Spartan model. Far less scrolling would be required this way.

I definitely agree with the points you’ve made, especially how some of the Armor Hall options are too similar. Something to add to what you’ve already mentioned would be keeping the 3 top left tabs (Play, Customize, and Shop) from the main menu regardless of what screen you are on.