UHR Recruitment

I’m Sergeant Arbiter of the UHR (United Halo Republic), we’re looking for recruits to join our clan. UHR is a military simulation clan which has been active for 10 years. When you join UHR you will first need to attend what we call “Day 1/Bootcamp and Day 2”

Day 1/Bootcamp
Bootcamp is nothing to worry about and is simply more of a demonstration of how we operate as we walk you through a few courses to show you the basics and to see what you may already know, It is usually run by a NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) who is the instructor and it is focused on Teamwork, Combat, Agility and more.

Day 2
Day 2 is were things get more interesting, we teach you the basics of a raid and the fundamentals of how a raid operates on both sides, allowing you to be both an Attacker and Defender. This is typically much more enjoyable than a Day 1.

That’s just the start of what your career in the UHR would be but you go as far as you want providing that you put the effort in to get there. UHR has a full ranking system which members progress through from dedication and hard work. The No.1 rule in UHR is real life comes first. If you feel like you’d want to join yet don’t have the time that’s also fine, we stay in contact with one another using the mobile app “Discord” it is really useful and I strongly suggest installing it if you join UHR.

If you are interested in joining or maybe want to know a little more feel free to message me on Xbox, my gamertag is UHR Arbiter. I hope to hear from some of you soon but that’s all for now.

UHR is a good clan to be in