Okay, this is a weird issue that I’m dealing with. My Xbox Live works well playing Netflix, Internet Explorer, and even Spartan Ops. But when I try to connect to matchmaking, not just Halo 4, but any game on Live, I usually end up getting disconnected within a few seconds if I’m even able to join at all. In fact, the attempt to join a match on Halo 4 is often enough to bump me off of Live.

I’m fairly sure that I have no bans on my account, and given the fact that I can use Netflix, I’m gonna say that my Internet is fine, so…what gives? Network issue? God telling me to give up gaming? Random fluke? Any helpful input would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

This sounds like an issue that should be directed to Xbox Support, especially if it is happening in multiple games.

Here is their twitter handle: @XboxSupport

Should you prefer the web route, use this link.