Uh Infinity Slayer?

So I played Infinity slayer with some friends the other day, which we usually stray away from this playlist due to how horrid it is.

The BOLT SHOT is the most stupid weapon in the game.

On MOST levels in INFINITY SLAYER it is used constantly.

Why is this weapon even a load out?

Noobs get owned by me and decide to camp out in tents with this weapon.

You complain about DMR and how it shoots far away, what the hell do you want me to do? Go up close to you so can spam an AR or Bolt shot at me?

DMR is the only safe house I have. I’m pretty sure the DMR is fine. Especially in big maps. And I’m glad we get the plasma pistol too. Cause you noobs that think your cool trying to go 45 and 1 in a mantis, deserve the plasma pistol ownage.