[UGC] User Generated Content

Hey there!
Knowing that Halo infinite it most probably coming to PC, means to me that we could have access to more complex approach interm of customising and creating.

UCG or User Generated Content of skins for example can only be a starting point.
“rebel galaxy outlaw” devs presented a “photoshop” like painting system that allows you to do vertex painting ingame.
How awesome is that ? Imagine having your own custom skins for your company, for yourself or to share them for the comunity !

Forge could evolve too, with custom map modding, custom scripting support of any third party 3D/2D software to import new UGC content.

I’d love to see a game with a great campain, multiplayer and forge like all the other Halo already have, but it can be MORE than just that.
UGC, like custom maps, custom narrative maps (campains), custom multiplayer gamemodes, custom skins, vehicles, weapons… and anyhting we can script, model and texture, is possible as many steam games now thrive thank to this.

UGC has a great value to my eyes, it might or not misrepresent “Halo”, but Halo is old now and has almost showed the same kind of content over the episodes the past 18 years.
I insist, PC is the gateway to a greater complexity like “User Generated Content”.

Don’t forget that this is what I think as a PC user for more than 18 years.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to debate!

My apologies for any grammar or misspelled words, French is my native tongue :slight_smile: